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Welcome Dr. Sylvanna Vargas to the COPE Family!

Dr. Sylvanna Vargas has a particular expertise in treating self-harm, trauma, and emotional dysregulation, as well as the way these issues intersect with addiction. Dr. Vargas works with adolescents, young adults, and minoritized people, including ethnic, sexual and gender minorities. In therapy, she uses a strengths-based approach to identify and build on existing coping skills. She aims to create a non-judgemental space to help individuals feel truly heard and safe to explore their vulnerabilities and areas for growth. She uses a combination of warmth, directness, and humor to support individuals in learning new tools and more effective behaviors to live a life they truly value.

Dr. Vargas earned her doctorate from the University of Southern California and completed a large part of her clinical training at the UCLA Youth Stress and Mood Program (YSAM) and West Los Angeles VA Hospital. At YSAM, in particular, she worked with adolescents in a DBT program conducting individual therapy, leading a DBT Skills group, and providing phone coaching between sessions.

Trauma Therapy at COPE

psychologist near me

Dr. Vargas joins the COPE family of providers who focus on addiction and trauma. In addition to Dr. Vargas’ specialization on self-harm and emotional dysregulation, she is also able to integrate skills from Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy.

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