Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

OCD is a common mental health disorder characterized by persistent unwanted thoughts and fears (obsessions) that lead to repetitive behaviors (compulsions). OCD thoughts can vary in nature, including fears of contamination, fear of thoughts of hurting oneself, which is different than actual thoughts of suicide, and fear of unwanted or “forbidden” topics that may be sexual in nature among others.

How can COPE help?

Although OCD can significantly impair in one’s life, it is also one of the most treatable mental health conditions. COPE providers utilize Exposure and Response Prevention to treat OCD. Exposure and Response Prevention is the gold standard, front line treatment for OCD that involves controlled, graduated exposures to some of the feared stimuli without engaging in the targeted compulsion until one gains mastery over the fear.

OCD and Medications

Although each case is different, medications are often a useful adjunct to treatment for OCD either in the short-term or long-term. COPE offers medication management with our in house psychiatry staff who can talk to you about options to provide symptom relief as you work through your therapy goals.