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COPE’s mission is to provide personalized and evidence-based mental health treatment for your specific mental health and addiction concerns. COPE clinicians have been trained and certified in a number of evidence-based practices, including

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD
  • Prolonged Exposure for PTSD
  • Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy
Life Coping Psychologist, Home

Dr. Rubin Khoddam

Clinical Psychologist and COPE Founder


Treatments provided include CBT, ACT, DBT, CPT, Psychodynamic Therapy among others

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COPE staff have been trained in a variety of couples and family treatments.

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IMPROVE is an outpatient substance use treatment program that was developed by COPE staff

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Individual and couple services, as described above, can also be provided via teletherapy

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Groups based on ACT, DBT, and process groups among others are periodically offered

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Happy New Year from COPE!

Happy New Year from COPE!

2022 is a year for COPE to expand our services with a special new addition! If 2021 was a year for COPE to solidify our foundation, 2022 is the year to expand our roots. I built COPE with the intention providing individualized, evidence-based treatment to individuals,...

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Los Angeles For Health Anxiety

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Los Angeles For Health Anxiety

Many of us experience health anxiety from time to time. It might be that your heart races every time you think about going to the doctor, or that you fret over small injuries or minor ailments like a stomachache. Perhaps you feel nervous about visiting a loved one in...

Welcome Hannah Rasmussen to the COPE Family!

Welcome Hannah Rasmussen to the COPE Family!

Now offering her expertise in couples therapy and chronic depression. Hannah Rasmussen has a particular expertise in relationship issues and communication problems in individuals and couples as well as chronic depression, anxiety, and trauma. She has extensive...

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