Couples And Family Therapy

couples counseling, COUPLES AND FAMILY THERAPY
Couples and family therapy can be helpful to those who are hoping to proactively work on concerns they have noticed arise in their relationship or family system as well as those dealing with crises (e.g. infidelity, parenting stress). For example, many couples hope to work on their communication prior to marriage or want to clarify their parenting goals prior to giving birth/conceiving. Similarly, families may want to learn how to communicate better with one another or how to be in relationship with a member who is going through an addiction or other mental health concerns. To talk more about your specific goals and how COPE can be helpful, contact us below.

Although there are several evidence-based treatments for couples and families, providers at COPE largely operate from an Integrated Behavioral Couples Therapy (IBCT) and Family Systems perspective. To learn more about whether these modalities may be helpful for your relationship(s), please contact us below and visit our page on IBCT here

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