New Year Message

A Special New Year Message from Drs. Rubin and Hannah Khoddam!

Happy New Year to our COPE Community! We wanted to first say thank you for being part of this community of like minded individuals working on being the best possible version of themselves.

When we started COPE several years ago, our goal involved more than putting together a team of excellent clinicians seeing individuals one-on-one. Our goal was to harness the unique training and background of all our clinicians to offer each client the most holistic, compassionate, evidence-based and therapeutically informed approaches to help them reach their goals. The variety of specializations in the clinic allows us to treat the larger system through a team-based approach. We are able to offer wrap-around services for the individual, the individual in a couple or a family, psychiatric services and group therapy in order to address the individual not just in a vacuum but through the holistic perspective of their life.

With the variety of services offered in our clinic, including adult and child individual therapy, couples therapy, group therapy (DBT Skills and Relapse Prevention Skills), as well as now medication management we have multiple providers supporting an individual which allows our approach, recommendations, and treatment plan to become more integrative and simultaneously more exacting.

All of us providers at COPE are grateful to work with all of you and hope to continue to work together in 2024. We hope you read below for a little bit about some of our existing and expanded services. Thank you for being part of our community.

Rubin Khoddam, PhD & Hannah Khoddam, PhD

COPE Founders and Clinical Psychologists

Specialty Treatments at COPE

Addiction Treatment

All of our providers offer evidence-based treatments for substance use disorders including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for SUD and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. We additionally have availability for participation in our Relapse Prevention CBT Skills Group, which is a weekly group that focuses on increasing or maintaining motivation to decrease substance use.

Trauma Treatment

COPE clinicians approach cases with an astute trauma-informed lens, regardless of whether the we’re talking Big T or Little T traumas. We pull from and utilize skills from both Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and Prolonged Exposure (PE) to help treat and manage trauma symptoms.

Mood Disorders (Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar)

All providers have been trained in generalist settings and treat individuals with a variety of mood disorders through a CBT, ACT, or DBT lens. We work towards understanding your specific needs and finding the right treatment that fits your needs and personality.

Couples Therapy

Our other providers offer Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy (IBCT) for the treatment of relationship and communication difficulties.

Chronic Health Issues

Hannah Khoddam, PhD has an expertise in working with individuals, families, and couples who may be struggling with difficulties related to mental and physical health as well as the intersection of the two. She offers treatment for chronic pain, insomnia, migraines, tinnitus, sexual dysfunction, binge eating disorders, new or chronic medical illnesses, and end of life difficulties.

Medication Management

2023 allowed for our expansion into medication management services. Dr. Isabella Morton and Dr. Jeremy Flores are board certified addiction and general psychiatrists who provide evaluations and support for addiction, ADHD, trauma, and mood disorders among a variety of other presenting issues.

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COPE Services

If interested in learning more about any of these, visit us at our site for more information.

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