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COPE – ComPsych Parternship!

All of us here at COPE are very excited to announce that our licensed providers are now credentialed with ComPsych! ComPsych is the largest provider of Employee Assistance Programs to employees and helps provide behavioral health services to hundreds of organizations. This is a great partnership given ComPsych’s focus on providing evidence-based trauma-informed care for the employees of the companies they serve. We are all very excited to work together!

If you are working with any patients who have ComPsych benefits, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss options. See below for 2 trauma treatments we integrate and utilize for those interested in trauma-informed care!

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Cognitive Processing Therapy vs. Prolonged Exposure

CPT is a specific type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that focuses on helping individuals examine the ways in which trauma has impacted their sense of self and world around them. CPT focuses on five main areas: self-esteem, sense of safety, ability to be intimate, ability to trust, and need to be in power or control. It is through examining how the trauma(s) affected these areas that individuals begin to rescript their mental narratives to create more helpful and balanced beliefs related to the trauma.

Prolonged Exposure

PE focuses on helping individuals gradually approach (and not avoid) their trauma-related memories, feelings, and situations. It is through a unique systematic approach that individuals begin to tolerate their discomfort and learn to recognize that many trauma-related cues that they viewed as dangerous are not dangerous and do not need to be avoided. Although it makes sense why anyone would avoid trauma-related cues, particularly in the short-term, it can be detrimental in the long-term.

See our blog on this topic!

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