Happy New Year from COPE

Happy New Year from COPE!

Happy New Year from COPE

2022 is a year for COPE to expand our services with a special new addition!

If 2021 was a year for COPE to solidify our foundation, 2022 is the year to expand our roots. I built COPE with the intention providing individualized, evidence-based treatment to individuals, primarily focused on addiction and trauma. However, as COPE has expanded, we’ve been able to expand the types of services we offer.

Now with 6 providers, we offer a variety of specialties for both individuals, couples, and family therapy. Although I’ll talk more about it at a later date, I’m very excited to now have my wife, Dr. Hannah Khoddam, as part of COPE. She thankfully allows me to just call her Hannah. In all seriousness, her being a part of COPE allows us to provide services for individuals looking to treat the intersection of their mental and physical health. Having worked at UCLA’s Ronald Reagan and West LA VA Hospital, the other (and better) Dr. Khoddam specializes in health psychology – treating chronic pain, insomnia, and managing chronic illness among other things. Additionally, she has worked with individuals with opioid use disorders and chronic pain and is able to provide specialty care to this population of individuals.

All us providers at COPE are grateful to work with all of you and hope to continue to work together. We hope you read below for a little bit about some of our existing and expanded services. Thank you for being part of our community.

Rubin Khoddam

Happy New Year from Cope, Happy New Year from COPE!

Specialty Treatments at COPE

Addiction Treatment

All of our providers offer evidence-based treatments for substance use disorders including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for SUD and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. We additionally may have availability for participation in our IMPROVE Outpatient Substance Abuse Program, which includes a weekly group that focuses on increasing or maintaining motivation to decrease substance use.

Trauma Treatment

COPE clinicians approach cases with an astute trauma-informed lens, regardless of whether the we’re talking Big T or Little T traumas. We pull from and utilize skills from both Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and Prolonged Exposure (PE) to help treat and manage trauma symptoms.

Chronic Health Issues

Hannah Khoddam, PhD is the newest member of our team and has an expertise in working with individuals, families, and couples who may be struggling with difficulties related to mental and physical health as well as the intersection of the two. She offers treatment for chronic pain, insomnia, migraines, tinnitus, sexual dysfunction, binge eating disorders, new or chronic medical illnesses, and end of life difficulties.

Couples Therapy

We have now expanded our couples therapy offerings to include Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) with Hannah Rasmussen joining the COPE team. Our other providers continue to offer Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy (IBCT) for the treatment of relationship and communication difficulties.

Mood Disorders
(Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar)

All providers have been trained in generalist settings and treat individuals with a variety of mood disorders through a CBT, ACT, or DBT lens. We work towards understanding your specific needs and finding the right treatment that fits your needs and personality. Additionally, Hannah Rasmussen is trained in CBASP for chronic depression allowing us to expand the types of treatments we offer individuals with chronic mood disorders.

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COPE Services

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